Anti-Bullying Workshop



Justice and Peace Co-ordinator




Sticks and Stones Anti-bullying Workshop

Humour Fit Theatre Company


The Sticks and Stones Anti-Bullying workshop took place for all First Year students in early January.

A facilitator from the theatre company visited each class individually and spent a session with them discussing different forms of bullying, doing communication exercises and role-play. This was all done in a fun way to heighten the awareness of bullying in all its forms. The SPHE teachers followed-up on the workshops during their classes.

Hopefully, the girls will still reflect on what they have learned from the day and put it into action in their everyday lives.


In February, the Humour Fit Theatre Company visited the school and in a very innovative way, through the use of drama, dealt with the issues of bullying and drug use through the performance of a play based on the well know book ‘Go Ask Alice’. All second year classes attended and were a captive audience for 80 minutes as the play unfolded. This play was both entertaining and educational as it took the students through different scenarios and illustrated the impact of bullying and drug use on teenagers. There was an opportunity afterwards for discussion on the issues raised by the performance. These subjects were dealt with in an excellent way and the performance was well received by all.


These two initiatives were grant aided by The Finglas/Cabra Drugs Task Forceand we are deeply grateful to them, as always, for their support.