Sixth Year Book List


SIXTH YEAR BOOKLIST 2016/ 2017          
Sixth Year Costs are itemised below
Higher Level - Fiuntas (Edco)
Play to be decided in September
Ordinary Level - Fuinneamh (Edco)
Irish Dictionary
Exam papers (Edco)
Retain books from 5th Year
Comparative text(s) to be decided
Exam papers (Edco)
Ordinary Level – Project Maths: Text & Tests 3 (Strand 1-5) (The Celtic Press)
Higher Level – Project Maths: Text & Tests 4 (Strand 2) (The Celtic Press)
Higher Level – Project Maths: Text & Tests 5 (Strand 1) (The Celtic Press)
Higher Level – Project Maths: Text & Tests 6 (Strand 3 & 4) (The Celtic Press)
Higher Level – Project Maths: Text & Tests 7 (Strand 5) (The Celtic Press)
Foundation Level – to be advised at a later  date
Exam papers
Retain books from 5th Year
French Dictionary (Higher and Ordinary levels)
Exam Papers (Edco)
Sovereignty and Partition 1912-1949 M.E.Collins (Edco) 
USA & The World 1945-89 by Maire de Buitleir & Stephen Tonge (Edco) 
Retain Book from 5th Year                
Planet and People Sue Honan  & Sue Mulholland (Mentor)
Ms. MaherSmyth - Changing World Leaving Certificate Human Geography by Charles Hayes & Una Nation (Gill & Macmillan)
Revisewise LC Geography by T.King  (Edco)
Exam papers
Accounting for Senior Cycle by Christy Tyrrell & Davin Kielthy (Edco)
Exam papers (Edco)
Business Express by Enda Connolly (3rd Edition)  (Mentor)
The Business Workbook by John F.O'Sullivan (Gill & Macmillan)
Exam papers                        
Retain book from 5th Year
Exam papers at teacher's discretion
Retain book from 5thYear
Retain book from 5th Year                                 
Exam papers at teacher's discretion
Text book from 5th Year
Übung Macht Den Meister (Grammar) (Folens) (From 4th Year)
Horthemen for Leaving Certificate (Fallons) (CDs not needed - listening comprehension workbook)
Exam papers (Edco )
Home Economics
Living Today (Book and Workbook) by Margaret P. Kinsella & Marguerite O’Brien (Gill & Macmillan)  
Exam papers (Edco)
Retain scores and two additional scores to be bought this year
On-line scores will be arranged in school
Exam papers
Art  See costs below
Retain the following books from Fifth Year:
Leaving Certificate History & Appreciation of Art by Tara Fahey (Folens)
Leaving Cert Art Exam Papers (Edco)
Retain Art Pack from First Year
Making It Happen (Caroline McHale) (Folens)
Sixth Year Costs
Art Materials                                                   25.00
                                                TOTAL        25.00                
Sixth Year (LCA) Booklist 2015/2016
Sixth Year (LCA) Costs
LCA Maths Workbook                22.00               To be purchased in the school
                            Total          22.00