Welcome to the school library!

St Dominic's College Library is situated at the heart of the school. It is home to thousands of books and the collection is made up of both Fiction and Non-Fiction titles.

The aim of the library is primarily to foster a love of reading among the students of St Dominic's College. Through themed weeks, displays, reading programmes and library classes, students are invited to become involved with the library first-hand. Ms Dickson is the School Librarian – you can ask her questions about reading, research and how to find books and information. If there’s a book you think we should get in, let her know!

This year’s library prefects are Emma, Lauren, Michelle, Róisín and Shannon. They can help you with library questions too.

Rules of the library
Some of you will have been using the school library for several years and some will only just have begun. Whether this is new information or just a reminder, here is a short guide is for all library users so that you get the very most from your school library.
  • You can borrow 3 books at a time;
  • Books can be borrowed for 2 weeks;
  • You can check books out at the librarian’s desk;
  • Please return books on time (or you will have to pay a fine); 
  • Treat borrowed books respectfully (don't damage them or write on them);
  • During class time, the library is a quiet zone for reading and studying;
  • There is no eating in the library.


This month, students are voting in the quarter final of the Book Factor competition. We have had over 2,500 votes altogether in the first two rounds. The Book Factor competition involves tutor groups nominating their favourite authors, and then each author going head-to-head with another author on posters along the corridor. Students vote for their preferred authors by signing their names underneath the authors' pictures. At the end of Round 1 amd 2, the votes were tallied and the winning author in each battle was selected. These go on to the next round.

The following authors (and their nominating tutor groups) are currently battling in the quarter finals:

Kate O'Hearn (nominated by 1 Clarke) versus Zoe Sugg (nominated by 1 Pearse)

Michael Morpurgo (nominated by 2 Lambay) versus Suzanne Collins (nominated by 3 DeValera)

J.K. Rowling (nominated by 4P) versus James Dashner (nominated by 4Y)

John Boyne (nominated by 5B1) versus John Green (nominated by 5A2)

Roald Dahl (nominated by 6C1) has been given a Bye into the Semi-Final.

The Semi-final will begin on 25th April. Don't forget to cast your vote!

Library Opening Hours:

Ms Dickson is here the following times:

Monday 8.30-12.10
Tuesday 1-4
Wednesday 8.30-11.30
Thursday 1-4
Friday 8.30-11.30